From field to fork, our int-egg-rated system ensures premium quality is achieved at every step of the process

Barley - DSC4531 - True Traceability

Our Int-egg-rated process. . .

  • Step 1: We grow over 75% of our hens’ feed including wheat, barley and oil seed rape on our Aberdeenshire farms
  • Step 2: We mill and mix all the nutritious ingredients to make tasty feed for our girls
  • Step 3: We rear our hens at specialised rearing barns to ensure highest welfare standards from day one
  • Step 4: Our hens enjoy roaming the bonnie Scottish countryside at one of our laying farms where they lay affa fine eggs
  • Step 5: The eggs are collected daily, from each farm, and delivered to our Fortrie Packing Centre
  • Step 6: At Fortrie, every egg is carefully checked and graded. Each specially selected egg is then egg-spertly packed and delivered to our customers

We believe our hens deserve nutritious, premium quality feed grown just a stone’s throw away.

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