Woodcote Responsible Eggs

57% carbon reduction

Working with Lidl GB and ClimatePartner, we have launched Woodcote Responsible Free Range Eggs, which has a 57% lower carbon footprint (compared with our 2021 free range baseline). This has been achieved by reducing emissions throughout the product life cycle.

Available at selected Lidl GB stores, each 6 pack has a carbon footprint of only 0.766 kg CO2.


Soy free, home-grown feed

Soy is the biggest contributor of carbon when producing eggs. Primarily, this is due to soy being linked to deforestation in the countries it is grown. So, we have completely removed soy from our laying hens’ feed. By removing soy, our eggs are also GMO free and deforestation free.

Soy has been largely replaced with home-grown protein. Over 80% of Responsible Eggs' feed mix is grown on our Aberdeenshire farms. This home-grown, innovative feed mix is made up of wheat, barley, beans and oil seed rape - all of these are grown within a 20-mile radius of the laying farm and packing centre.

Wind Turbines Responsible Eggs

100% renewable electricity

Our laying farm, packing centre and rearing barn are all powered by 100% renewable electricity, provided by our own wind and solar solutions.

Our rearing barn is heated by biomass.

Ashogle Hen Jungle Gym DSC 6129

Improving biodiversity

Our first dedicated Woodcote Responsible Free Range Eggs farm is Ashogle. On this range we have embarked on a biodiversity enrichment program, under the advisement of Thomson Environmental Consultants.

We have introduced species rich grassland, planted hedgerows and native trees to boost biodiversity and create habitats for local wildlife.*

Grasslands: To encourage native wildflowers and slow growing grasses, we have implemented a multiyear grassland (meadow) management plan.

Woodlands: We have planted additional native trees on the range including Alder, European beech and Rowan trees.

Hedgerows: To improve connectivity of local habitats and encourage wildlife, we are planting a mixture of native hedgerow species including Hawthorn, Hazel and Holly.

Wildlife enhancements: We have erected red squirrel boxes and bee boxes in the mature woodland that borders the range.

Carbon Neutral

In addition to our carbon reduction measures, we have offset the remaining emissions by investing in ClimatePartner certified climate projects and planting trees in the UK.

ClimatePartner projects are all independently audited and contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We have invested in a combined project where, for every tonne of CO2 saved through the contribution to a certified climate project, one tree is planted in the UK.

By investing in a combined project, we are not only offsetting our remaining emissions, but also promoting the creation of resilient mixed woodlands in the UK that can better adapt to changing climate conditions.

So far, our offset investment has helped fund clean wind energy in Chile.

ClimatePartner certified

Woodcote Responsible Free Range Eggs (6 pack) are ClimatePartner certified, meaning we have followed a robust, 5-step process:

Step 1: Conduct a carbon footprint of the product, cradle-to-customer plus end of life

Step 2: Set business reduction targets

Step 3: Implement carbon reduction measures

Step 4: Invest in certified climate projects

Step 5: Communicate transparency

For further information please view. . .

* The scope of the biodiversity improvements, although important to the overall impact of the product, make no contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions for this product and are in no way linked to the 57% carbon footprint reduction figure.

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