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Find the flock

Pitglassie Free Range is located just over the hill from our Fortrie Packing Centre.

It is one of our largest ranges and the barn is surrounded by a mature tree line. This provides an ideal area for our hens to forage amongst the trees and shrubbery.

Pitglassie Hen

A range of activities

On the South-West corner of the barn is the perfect dustbathing spa retreat! Our hens love dustbathing, nestling into small craters to ruffle and clean their feathers.

The range is full of activities, from a tunnel to access the outer parks, to multiple rope swings suspended between the woodland. We've also dispersed small, upcycled, open-style huts across the range. These are ideal for hens to perch, socialise and find a spot of shelter as they explore the outdoors.

With all this enrichment, our Pitglassie hens are fully entertained.

Pitglassie Hen 2 39

Sunny side up

In the summer months we benefit from some of the longest sunlight hours in the UK.

This is perfect for our eager hens who can enjoy access to the ranges early in the mornings.

It is also great for us. We've harnessed the daylight hours and installed solar panels, across our Free Range farms, for green electricity and low carbon eggs.

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