DFA 18178 Master Map Visual Aberdeenshire Strath of Brydock

Find the flock

Strath of Brydock Free Range is one of our more Northernly farms, situated just a short distance from the Moray Firth.

Nestled under 3 large wind turbines, the range is one of our biggest, offering a huge expanse for our hens to roam and explore.

Hens Foraging Woodchip - Strath

A foraging paradise

At Strath of Brydock, our hens enjoy foraging, scratching and hollowing out dustbathing spots in the woodchip zone. The woodchip creates an ideal environment that keeps our hens happy and entertained for hours.

Woodchip also creates an ideal environment for dustbathing. Dustbathing is vitally important for hens’ wellbeing. It allows the girls to keep their skin and feathers in good condition and regulate their body temperature.

Strath hens ranging IMG 3655

Encouraging ranging and nurturing nature

An inviting environment is essential for encouraging hens to range happily.

At Strath of Brydock, we have repurposed pig huts and distributed these across the range, providing both shelter and perching spots. Our hens happily meander in and out of these huts each day as they socialise and enjoy the great outdoors.

Our hens also benefit from exploring amongst newly planted tree clusters. In total, we have planted over 2,400 new trees at Strath of Brydock.

A large hedgerow runs along the North-West side of the range. This provides then hens with a protective barrier from the wind and has created the space for a micro ecosystem enabling nature to thrive.

Strath Hens close up IMG 3649

Local nutritious feed

Strath of Brydock is located next door to our grain store, where we store the feed for our inquisitive hens.

Feed primarily consists of wheat and barley that is grown, milled, and mixed on our own farms. This guarantees the best quality feed that keeps our hens happy, healthy and producing great tasting eggs!

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