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Find the flock

Muirden Free Range sits high above the banks of the River Deveron, on the outskirts of Turriff.

Alpacas Victor and Jack Muirden Farm

Meet Victor and Jack

The farm is home to more than just our flock of hens. . .

Also sharing the range are our two alpacas, Victor and Jack. These boys are full of character and are forever nosing around at who is coming and going.

Most importantly, they love the hens, even letting them hop on their back as they lie out on the range.

Hen long grass - Muirden - J40

Home of our team

Alongside our flock of hens, and alpacas, Muirden is also the base of our growing team.

Our head office, a converted and extended cottage, is nestled in the middle of the range and our girls potter happily around us.

IMG 2967 Muirden Deveron

Harnessing natural power

Muirden farm, including the office, and neighbouring free range farm Ashogle, are all powered by a 500kW wind turbine providing over 70% of electricity requirements.

To top this off, we've also installed 54kWp of solar at Muirden ensuring clean energy and low carbon eggs.

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