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Find the flock

Mains of Auchenbadie Free Range is nestled up above the banks of the lower River Deveron.

From it's top viewpoint, the picturesque site offers expansive views over the winding river as it heads down towards the Moray Firth.

Hen in shrubbery 180601 - Mains of Auchenabadie

Foraging and exploring

Mains of Auchenbadie contains a mature woodland, right in the centre of the range. This rugged area is a fantastic space for our inquisitive hens to forage and explore.

Our hens love scratching and weaving through the long grass and shrubbery. Furthermore, our girls also benefit from dustbathing in hollows under the shelter of the trees.

Solar Auchenbadie

Power of green

We believe in clean, green power. So, Mains of Auchenbadie has 50kWp of solar, installed on the range, for carbon-free, sustainable electricity.

We've also planted an additional 500 new trees on the range, including Field Maple and Birch. Not only do these further enhance our hens range but will also capture carbon and contribute to biodiversity.


Did you know?

Dustbathing is an important natural behaviour of hens. It allows hens to keep their skin and feathers in good condition and helps regulate their body temperature.

So, at every one of our Free Range farms, our hens have their favourite dustbathing spots, ensuring healthy and contented hens.

Unfortunately, as our inquisitive girls are always so eager to see us, they hop out of the hollows every time we get close enough for a photo!

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