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Find the flock

Nestled beneath the historic Inchdrewer Castle and overlooking the Bay of Banff, Lower Inchdrewer is our most northernly free range farm.

The farm is the winter home to more than just our brood of hens. Our flock of North Country Cheviot ewe lambs graze the range amongst our hens when they come down from their Highland summer pastures.

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Life on the range

Across Lower Inchdrewer range we have repurposed and distributed pig huts for outdoor shelters. Our hens love exploring inside these huts and nudging their way past their friends to secure the best perching spots.

To further enrich the range we have planted over 900 trees including Field Maple, Alder and Birch. These bolster biodiversity and contribute to carbon capture, all whilst creating interest on the range for our hens.

Our girls are forever curious and love to inspect and rake out their favourite dustbathing hollows under the mature trees.

For carbon free electricity, we have installed 50kWp of solar panels.

Inchdrewer Castle

Did you know?

After the Battle of Culloden, the Duke of Cumberland attacked Lower Inchdrewer Castle in search of Bonnie Prince Charlie but to no avail!

We aren’t convinced our hens fully appreciate the historic site they roam. . .

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