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Find the flock

Cushnie Organic range is nestled under 3 of our 800kW wind turbines.

Located a short 6km from our Fortrie Packing Centre it offers low carbon Organic eggs.

Hens Playhouse Cushnie Organic


Our inquisitive girls benefit greatly from enrichment and entertainment.

So, our Cushnie organic free range is complete with four 5-star playhouses. These are adored by our hens, who spend endless hours exploring and socialising in and around them.

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Organic guarantee

The small Cushnie Organic flock is fed on a specially prepared organic diet, consisting of organic Aberdeenshire cereals and organic proteins.

The hens’ range, for foraging and exploring, is organic too. Both the farmland and eggs produced are all accredited by OF&G (Organic Farmers and Growers).

Turbines Cushnie

Range planting

We have planted over 1,300 new trees on the Cushnie Organic range. Trees planted include Birch, Hawthorne and Beech.

Planting our ranges stimulates biodiversity and contributes to carbon capture. Trees also play an important part in encouraging birds to explore the range by creating an inviting and safe environment for our hens to roam.

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