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Find the flock

Auchenhalrig Organic Farm is found in Moray, on the picturesque Speyside.

The organic free range farm is owned and managed by our partner producer Neil Wright.

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Championing organic

Neil is a first generation farmer who champions an organic ethos.

Neil's first farming activities began in 2006 with organic pigs. He soon expanded his organic enterprise to include sheep, cereals, carrots, potatoes and hens.

Neil is dedicated to maintaining the healthy Speyside soils on his farm through crop rotation and utilising his organic animals manure to maintain soil fertility.

Auchenhalrig Organic hen in long grass

A Speyside home

At Auchenhalrig Organic Farm, Neil has built brand new, modern houses for his hens to ensure they have the best possible environment.

The ranges have been sown with organic grasses, clover and herbs for the hens to enjoy.

Over the past 12 months Neil has planted 12,500 trees and hedges on the farm, enhancing biodiversity and enriching the range.

Auchenhalrig - Neil Wright's boys with hens

A family farm

Neil's four young children also enjoy spending time on the farm.

From assisting with lambing, to looking after hens and packing eggs at the weekends, Neil's family are always enthusiastic to lend a hand.

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