DFA 18178 Master Map Visual Aberdeenshire Ashogle Free Range 01

Find the flock

Ashogle Free Range is located on the East side of the River Deveron as it winds North towards the Moray Firth.

It neighbours Muirden Free Range enabling both farms to be powered by an 800kW wind turbine for sustainable, renewable energy.

Ashogle Hen Junge Gym close up DSC 6146

Hen jungle gyms

For our hens entertainment, Ashogle range consists of a selection of hen jungle gyms.

These structures were built using repurposed materials by our dedicated free range team.

Our hens love these jungle gym creations, spending hours climbing, perching and socialising.

Ashogle Hen Jungle Gym DSC 6129

A range of greenery

Ashogle range also benefits from a mature tree line, protecting the hens' ranging area from the variable Scottish weather.

This woodland and the long wild grasses that cover the range provide an excellent area for hens to forage and explore.

To further encourage ranging we've scattered small shelters across the range and planted clusters of new trees.

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