As a family business, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Wind turbines Strath - Environmental Sustainability

Renewable Solutions

Alongside our partner business, Muirden Energy, we have invested in a range of renewable energy solutions including

  • Wind turbines
  • Solar
  • Biomass

All ensuring green power across our farms and lowering our carbon footprint.

IMG 3572 2 Tree Planting Park

Enhancing Biodiversity

In recent years we have planted over 68,000 trees on our farms and over 20km of hedgerows!

By planting trees, shrubs and hedgerows, we are:

  • Boosting biodiversity across our farms and in the local area
  • Contributing to carbon capture
  • Enhancing our ranges by creating an inviting environment for our hens to explore
  • Providing wind breaks and outdoor shelter for our hens against the variable Scottish weather
Environmental Sustainability - Hen 24


Our hens produce a lot of muck, but we have the perfect solution for it; we return it to the arable land. The manure is then an ideal natural fertiliser to grow our hens’ feed for another year creating a perfectly sustainable, closed-loop cycle.

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